Earth Matters


We believe that creation care and environmental advocacy are essential parts of the mission of God’s people in the world and we are excited about the opportunity to take a leading role in helping others discover why earth matters to God!

Earth is our home and today our planet faces the possibility of an environmental crisis brought about by the growing demands of our ever increasing human population. Currently there are 7.5 billion precious people, each deeply loved by God, who live and move and have their being here on earth and who depend on this planet for their very existence.

We have been given the responsibility to manage earth as a resource in a sustainable and equitable way. The earth isn’t ours to do with as we please. As Christ followers we can have a profoundly positive impact if we understand that creation care is a human vocation, and as such it is a Christian vocation. And we want to be the best examples of what it means to be human.

Through the Riverview Foundation we champion environmental stewardship with volunteer Green Teams, advocacy and education, with the potential to transform our world for the better and preserve its beauty and purity for generations to come.