Our Environments

Considering what matters most to us we aspire to be:

Spiritually Vibrant: We serve God with passion and enthusiasm through the power and presence of the Spirit of God. This manifests as heartfelt worship, fervent prayer, faithful service and supernatural evidence of the Spirit’s gifts and graces at work in our lives.

Culturally Relevant: We love people and want to engage with society in a helpful and constructive way. We want to communicate God’s love and the invitation to trust in Jesus in ways that are accessible and understandable to those who do not follow Jesus. 

Relationally Intelligent: We love and understand each other best through practising relational humility and curiosity, a sincere desire to understand the ‘other’ and place the needs of others ahead of our own. Relationship is the lifeblood of family, community and society. To be better friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members requires a deep commitment to grow in our relational intelligence.

Prophetically Potent: We speak truth to power and live out the values and ethics of the Kingdom of God in culture and society with courage and conviction. With diverse political persuasions, we honour all those placed in government by God. We nevertheless stand for truth and justice as revealed in the Scriptures and through the life and teachings of Jesus. We do not shy away when this requires opposition to ideologies, policies or cultural trends that may be accepted by the mainstream society or particular factions or groups. Our ultimate allegiance is to Jesus and His Kingdom and this includes functioning as a loving prophetic voice to the nations.