What does it mean to believe?

Our conviction is that faith begins with belief in Jesus but that this belief should lead to a life of trust in Him and dependency on Him. The ultimate goal of faith is allegiance to Jesus – a life fully submitted to his lordship and leadership as the rightful ruler of all creation. We also understand that faith formation is a journey so below are just some of the ways that you can step toward encountering God, experiencing His love and growing in your relationship with Him.


Who is Jesus?

Jesus of Nazareth lived in ancient Israel during the first century AD but he was far more than a mere man. Jesus came to us as the most complete and compelling revelation of God the world has ever seen. Jesus himself said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father” (John 14:9). To know Jesus is to know God and to receive Jesus is to receive God. In Jesus, we discover who God is and how God works so if you have ever wondered what the Creator of the universe is really like, take a moment to consider Jesus: loving, compassionate, kind, gentle, forgiving, powerful, trustworthy and true.

Jesus called people everywhere to ‘follow Him’ which implied an acceptance of His leadership over their lives. Jesus came ultimately to lead us back to God, to take us from a place of darkness, brokenness and separation from God (resulting from humanity’s rebellion against God) and guide us back to a place of relationship with God under His loving rule and reign. Putting your faith in Jesus means believing that He is who He says He is (the one and only mediator between God and humankind, the fullest revelation of God, the Son of God and God the Son) and then trusting in Him by depending on Him for restored relationship with God.

This is only possible because Jesus lives. The good news that the Church declares to the world is that Jesus is alive and Jesus is Lord. The only way He can be Lord is because He is alive and the only reason He is alive is because God the Father raised Him from the dead, by the power of the Spirit, three days after His crucifixion. In doing so, God the Father vindicated Jesus and gave Him the place of greatest authority, making it possible for us to know Him, trust Him and serve Him as our Lord and our Saviour, our Liberator and our King.



Water baptism is a powerful symbol of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. It serves as an outward demonstration and public declaration of our belief that Jesus is alive and Jesus is Lord. Those who become followers of Jesus are baptised as a declaration of their allegiance to Him.



We believe that God has spoken and continues to speak to us through the Bible. Scripture therefore holds a central place in our lives and our worship, and guides what we believe and how we behave. We often ask ourselves, “Are our lives being guided by scripture?” It’s important that we seek out scripture and read it regularly.  

To grow our understanding of the Bible we have produced a devotional Bible reading App called Bibleview used globally by thousands of people to deepen their relationship with God and His word.



Being a fully devoted follower of Jesus inspires a commitment to growth in all areas of life. We have many pathways to help you take steps forward both in faith and life and deepen your understanding of what following Jesus means for everyday living. Our dynamic series of Advance teaching units will better equip you to follow Jesus, discover your purpose and guide you in Christian living. Plus we have a huge range of groups available to help you grow.



Jesus’ life was one devoted to prayer. Prayer is simply an open communication with our Father in Heaven. It’s both listening and speaking; talking and waiting. Scripture teaches us that prayer is powerful and effective and vital to the life of every believer. It is the fuel for our faith and an essential foundation for everything we do.

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