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  1. Starting Point

    Christianity has a long heritage and a compelling part to play in our world today. Starting Point is the place to ask your questions and discuss the major themes of the Christian faith.

  2. Advance in Faith

    This Advance in Faith Level 1 unit focuses on the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Over a series of week, we explore; Who is Jesus? What did he do? What was the ‘good news’ that he brought?

  3. Advance In Faith

    How do we grow up into be like Jesus? What should we be transformed into? This Advance in Faith Level 1 unit discusses how we are to become more like Jesus.

  4. Advance in Faith

    In this unit we explore what the resurrection of Jesus actually accomplished and why it was the central focus of so much of the apostle Paul's writings. We will also discuss the resurrection from a first century perspective, and how it fit the Jewish view of the 'age to come'?

  5. Advance in Faith

    Earth Matters is an Advance in Faith Level 2 unit that establishes the biblical and theological foundations for environmental justice and creation care as part of God’s mission in the world through His people.

  6. Boundaries

    This study program takes participants on a unique journey of spiritual growth, emphasizing the importance of setting healthy boundaries in order to have healthy relationships. It offers practical help, encouragement, insight and wisdom to those who struggle to say no, or for anyone just seeking a healthy and balanced life.

  7. Search for Life

    Human beings are spectacular, puzzling, brilliant and broken. Search for Life encourages anyone with feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy or insecurity and introduces participants to the healing power of truth in a safe and intimate environment.

  8. Principled Parenting

    Principled Parenting is for parents (or parents to be) with children of all ages that will encourage you in your parenting and equip you with practical skills to help raise strong, healthy and happy children.

  9. Devoted

    Relationships are such an important aspect of our lives, but sometimes the most important relationship, the one between a husband and wife, may need a little help. Devoted is designed to equip couples with tools to help build a stronger marriage.

  10. CAP Money

    If you want to get on top of your finances join us for CAP Money. It is a free budgeting course that will provide you with the skills you need to manage your finances and prevent debt. By applying our practical tools, you'll learn that managing your money is simple!

  11. Conqueror

    Conqueror is a small group program transforming the lives of men. Learn how to live free from the battles of sexual addiction through biblical teaching, proven principles and practical tools. We will explore the strongholds that keep men in bondage, examine the neuro-chemistry of addiction, discover the weapons and strategies of God, investigate proven strategies to prevent relapse and study practical daily techniques to remain free.

  12. Advance in Faith

    Jesus assured us that we would not be left alone when he returned to the Father. A Christian’s constant companion is Holy Spirit, but who is he, how does he operate and what can we expect from him? This Advance in Faith Level 1 unit explores the Holy Spirit in a way that makes him both accessible and relevant to our world today.

  13. Advance in Faith

    Reading the Bible is vital to our understanding and therefore our practice of the Christian life. This Advance in Faith Level 1 unit examines the foundational practices to help read Scripture with authenticity and understanding.

  14. Advance in Faith

    This Advance in Faith Level 2 unit explores the ramifications of the Reformation and the history of the Church. We also discuss how Riverview fits into this picture and what we share with other churches?

  15. Advance in Faith

    Christian Living is an Advance in Faith Level 1 unit that explores how we make decisions about the everyday aspects of our lives so as to bring them into harmony with the way Jesus would want us to live.

  16. Advance in Faith

    Good News for God's World is an Advance in Faith Level 1 unit that explores ways we can invite the people in our world to follow Jesus, and influence them towards a desire to explore the Christian faith.

  17. Advance in Faith

    This Advance in Faith level 2 unit examines the beginnings of the Christian Church with a close examination of the Acts of the Apostles.

  18. Advance in Faith

    This Advance in Faith Level 1 unit, explores the idea of faith and how it is central to the Christian life. Who do we have faith in, and and what might be the results of our faith? These and other questions are explored.

  19. Advance in Faith

    Advance in Faith is designed to help you grow in your understanding of scripture and faith, and learn how to apply Christian principles to your every day life. We offer two levels of dynamic and inspiring teaching units and each week has a classroom learning component and a small group discussion. Come join us and be part of the conversation - we can't wait to see you start the learning adventure!


Events / Occasions

  1. Baby Dedication

    Baby Dedication is a public commitment by parents to raise a child in the Christian faith, and as your church community, we partner with you in this commitment. It doesn't involve water as it is not christening or baptism, and is not an assurance of salvation - it is simply a prayer of blessing.

    As part of our weekend celebrations, Baby Dedication is also a great opportunity to invite your family and friends to church. To celebrate the moment afterwards we invite you and your guests to join us for light refreshments, studio photographs and a beautiful space to meet and chat with our staff team.

  2. Water Baptism

    Water baptism is a powerful symbol of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. It serves as an outward demonstration and public declaration of our belief that Jesus is alive and Jesus is Lord. Those who become followers of Jesus are baptised as a declaration of their allegiance to Him.

  3. IMPACT Leadership Conference
  4. Welcome to Riverview

    If you’re new to Riverview, this is the perfect next step where you'll learn more about Riverview, meet our leaders and share some coffee and cake with us. Coffee is on us but registration is essential.