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Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication is a public commitment by parents to raise a child in the Christian faith, and as your church community, we partner with you in this commitment. It doesn't involve water as it is not christening or baptism, and is not an assurance of salvation - it is simply a prayer of blessing.

As part of our weekend celebrations, Baby Dedication is also a great opportunity to invite your family and friends to church. To celebrate the moment afterwards we invite you and your guests to join us for light refreshments, studio photographs and a beautiful space to meet and chat with our staff team.


Water Baptism | Register for Baptism and Prep Classes

Water baptism is a powerful symbol of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. It serves as an outward demonstration and public declaration of our belief that Jesus is alive and Jesus is Lord. Those who become followers of Jesus are baptised as a declaration of their allegiance to Him.


IMPACT Leadership Conference


Welcome to Riverview

If you’re new to Riverview, this is the perfect next step where you'll learn more about Riverview, meet our leaders and share some coffee and cake with us. Coffee is on us but registration is essential.