Riverview Church

Dedicating Your Child

Baby Dedication is a public declaration stating that God is actively involved in your child’s past, present and future. It is an occasion when we can acknowledge that your child is a gift from God – a unique and beautiful masterpiece, created for a purpose and made in His image.

Here at Riverview Kids, we are committed to the role of spiritual partnership with you as you raise your children in faith - training and nurturing them in an atmosphere of spiritual input and encouragement and to introduce them to the living God. We want them to know Him, love Him and worship Him!

This service is an important ‘check point’ in your child’s faith journey. For this reason, we feel honoured as we join you in being a part of such a special moment. God loves and delights in His children (Psalm 127:3), so we here at Riverview, do the same!

The Purpose (Why we do what we do)

The act of presenting or ‘dedicating’ your young child to God is a statement by you, the parents, committing to train your child in the Christian faith and we as your church community join with you in this commitment.

The book of Luke recounts Mary and Joseph presenting Jesus to the temple at 40 days old and was he prayed over and dedicated to his father in heaven by a priest named Simeon. We can use this example as a beneficial and God-honouring activity to bring a child into the world with a Godly beginning.

Baby dedications does not indicate or provide assurance of salvation. It doesn’t involve water as it is not a christening or baptism. This is a moment that is a conscious decision by the parents declaring they will bring the child up in a Godly household. The child receives the blessing from your decision to do this.


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