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We are all designed to experience life in connection with other people. Each of our own personal stories are played out amidst the stories of others around us. At Riverview Church, we are passionate about helping you connect with others and we have a number of different pathways to do so.

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Connect Groups are designed to provide people with a consistent environment in which they can enjoy authentic community and experience spiritual growth.  In a Connect Group, people meet regularly to “do life” with one another and go deeper in relationship with both God and others. There are many different kinds of Connect Groups at Riverview: Young Adult, Adult, Men’s and Women’s Groups.

Additionally, Interest Groups meet periodically throughout the year and are for people who share a common interest (e.g. cycling, reading, cooking, cars, etc.). Interest Groups usually meet around a shared activity and are more social in nature.

Social Gatherings are a space for people of a similar age to meet and develop meaningful community. Prayer groups also function for people who want to meet primarily to pray together.

As you probably know, Riverview is a very multicultural church. To celebrate this, our Cultural Communities meet periodically throughout the year and are for people who share a common cultural background.

If you are interested in joining a group, please click here.

Alternatively you can periodically check the online calendar at riverviewchurch.com/whatson for more information on upcoming Interest Groups and Social Gatherings.

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Some of the People at Riverview

“This is Ethan’s first Church service!” – Grace #peopleatriverview


“I love to meet new people!” – Brian #peopleatriverview


One of our unsung heros – Edward cleans full- time to make sure we feel comfortable on arrival! #peopleatriverview