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We know that being a teenager is a hard gig. The crazy world of high school, its pressures and the challenges of fitting into your ever-stretching skin can be really disorienting. And as you know, being the parent of one can be even harder, as your ever-changing child becomes less communicative and more unpredictable. Despite these potentially crazy times of discovering who they are and how they fit into the world, we believe they are capable of great things.

Riverview Youth / RVWYTH is an environment exclusively for high-school aged students. It's a safe, intentional and fun community that gets together every Friday of the school year from 7-9pm at Riverview Church.

Every Friday is fresh and exciting, designed for teenagers to grow strong and healthy socially, emotionally and spiritually. There is lots of time for teenagers to catch-up and hang out with their friends and leaders. Our Alliances (small groups) are a space for them to meet and make friends with other people their own age. Our program is a fun and interactive time to exploring what it means to follow Jesus, in worship through music, creative elements, activities and messages designed to help them navigate the challenges they face every day.

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The safety and protection of children is a high priority for us. So all leaders must complete an application form, and are appropriately screened to ensure they are suitable to be working with children. Applicants are required to obtain  a Working with Children Check. Our leaders also receive ongoing training in relation to safety procedures concerning children.

If you have any questions about safety please don't hesitate to contact Riverview Youth / RVWYTH directly

Riverview Youth / RVWYTH happens every Friday night of the year (except over the summer school holidays) at 7pm at Riverview Church.

For safety reasons, all teenagers are required to sign in at the check-in desks before they enter. If your teenager is new to Riverview High they simply need to fill out a form when they arrive on a Friday night at the entrance doors, providing contact information and an emergency contact. After your teenager has checked-in they can join the program.

Most Riverview Youth / RVWYTH Friday nights are free, however some special youth events have a door cost. This cost exists only to cover the budget of the night. Contact Riverview High directly to enquire about these nights.

Similar to a church service Riverview Youth / RVWYTH provides opportunity in their service for regular youth attenders to contribute financially to the life of the church.