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Volunteer Service

Serving is part of our response to God – using the Gifts He's given to each of us to contribute to the life and health of His Church. Volunteer Service is also a great way to meet people, make friends and stay connected to church life.

By stepping into Volunteer Service at Riverview you are stepping into a position of trust and becoming a representative of Riverview and of Christ. As such it is vital that you understand, and are willing to uphold, what we believe and value. To apply to serve at Riverview, all you have to do is complete a Volunteer Service Application and attend a Volunteer Service Information Night.

Volunteer Service Application

VSIN (Volunteer Service Information Nights)

If you want to know how to join a Volunteer Service team, or you’ve just joined one, then one of our monthly Volunteer Service Information Nights is for you. You’ll meet key leadership team members, get your questions answered and learn what’s expected when serving at Riverview Church. Refreshments and a light supper will also be provided. These nights are held at the beginning of each month at Riverview Church, 1 Thorogood St, Burswood.

Register for a Volunteer Service Information Night by clicking the button and selecting the date you would like to attend.

Register for VSIN

Riverview Safe

A training program for staff and volunteers of Riverview Church which is an adaptation of Safe Ministry Resources P/L’s Safe Ministry Manual and Training which is used by Christian denominations and movements across Australia to provide ‘best practice’ training for Holistic Safe Church Ministry, which is God honouring, abuse free, harm free, person valuing and respectful ministry. See www.smr.org.au for more information.
All staff & volunteers are required to attend a Riverview Safe training session within 12 months of joining the Riverview team and can choose from the following dates in 2018:

  • Sat Feb 24, 9am - 2pm
  • Wed Jun 13 & 20 (runs over 2 evenings), 7pm - 9.30pm
  • Sat Oct 27, 9am - 2pm

Register for Riverview Safe by clicking the button and selecting your choice of session.

Register for Riverview Safe

Volunteer Team Feedback

We are always seeking to improve the experience of all our Volunteers serving at Riverview Church.

Please take the time to complete this short Volunteer Feedback form to assist us in this process. You can submit feedback as often as you wish via this form or by speaking to your team leader or contacting the church office.

Thanks for being part of the team!

Volunteer Service Roles

The list below contains the roles/teams currently available for registered volunteers:

 Help provide pastoral support to Debt Centre clients through followup and visitation. 

Community Fundraisers: enthusiastic and passionate people who organise and run fundraising events or activities on behalf of the Foundation.

Impact Trips: You can volunteer for one of these self-funded trips and be involved in working practically at the projects the Foundation supports.

Support an elderly person living in an aged care facility who may be lonely and at risk of social isolation by visiting them on a regular basis. 

Connect Group Hosts

Interest Group Hosts

Social Gathering Hosts

Join us at weekend services where we help people find their next step at Riverview. As a Connect Team member you’ll help people discover greater community with both God and the people at Riverview Church. This is achieved through conversation and prayer after church services.

Photographers. Artists. Writers. Designers. Models. Florists. Storytellers. Dancers. Actors. Film. Social Media. Makeup. Hair. DJs. Thinkers. Makers. Authors. Advertisers. Print. Stylists. Events. Fashion. Interiors. Bloggers. Composers. Builders. Bakers. Crafters. Illustrators. Journalists. Copywriters. Planners. Dreamers. Thinkers. Etc…

Whatever your type of creative, you belong here.

 Help with sorting and packing food bags, administration assistance and client follow up after appointments.

Events Administration: Assist with the administrative functions associated with an event.

The First Aid Team is made up of medical professionals who sign in at their regular service and are on-call in case of a medical situation/emergency.

Hospitality: Set up and serve tea and coffee before and after Foundations. Help with pack down of tea/coffee equipment.

Mentors: Mentors facilitate group discussion as part of the Foundations units.

Trainee Mentors: assisting Mentors with the facilitation of group discussion as part of the Foundations units.

Tech team: Coordinate and provide sound, lighting etc. Record message. Set up and pack down all technical equipment.

Help us wrap gifts to give away through our gift giving programs, or help us manage gift booths during weekend services.

Greeting to seating. Collecting giving to handing out gifts. Ushers are alongside guests every step of the way, to help create an amazing atmosphere during the service. Practical tasks done with big hearts and smiles.

Café – We have a café that serves throughout all of our weekend services and most events. We are here to create a welcoming environment for our community to connect and build healthy relationships. Sharing a meal or a coffee is a great way to do life alongside others. Roles include customer service, preparing/serving food and coffee, and cleanup.
Weekdays – We make our food onsite, and because weekends are so busy, we prepare some of our menu during the week. Roles include food preparation, general cleaning and stocking the café getting ready for weekend services.

Information provides a vital presence in our foyer post-service, we assist guests with the ins-and-outs of Riverview, finding rooms, signing up for courses and connection. It’s helping people find their way in a big church.

Interest Groups are designed to foster community and connection around a hobby or activity (eg Women's Book Club, Men's Movie Group, Snorkelling, etc) The possibilities are endless!

The facilitator’s role is to assist the participants in their own growth and recovery through the program. Most programs run to 2 hours a week for 10 weeks and will generally be run on a week night at the Burswood campus.

Each facilitator must have been an active participant in Search for Life.

Camera operators: required to film/record weekend services. This is a creative role with no experience necessary, training provided.

Tech team: responsible for the set-up and pack down of equipment, adjusting the aperture of camera shots & recording the services.

Multimedia: responsible for the song lyrics, slides, pictures & videos that go to screen during a weekend service.

Will always be a challenge, so our Parking Team serve by being the first people to smile and welcome them to church, help them find a spot and wave goodbye as they go.

Prayer Team: Daily Prayer, rostered attendance at services: pre-service prayer, intercession and post service prayer.

Audio: Operates the sound desk to help create an environment that is creative and inspiring.

Lighting: Operates the lighting desk during weekend services, to create a dynamic atmosphere through the lights they select.

The Resources Team help our guests take the weekend experience into their week. Worship and message CDs, DVDs, books, merchandise and tickets are all sold from here.

An opportunity to serve in an exciting and vibrant ministry, influencing the next generation in a Godly and positive way.

Volunteering in Clubs: Help provide an environment of connection, community and relationship in our weekend services. Clubs ranging from 2 months old to year 6.

Volunteering at The Riverview Kids Hub: Fun loving people who provide information, direction and registration for all children and families, as well as providing administrative support for the team.


 Be a part of a team that provide practical support to people experiencing crisis by helping in their homes and yards. 

A Riverview Youth / RVWYTH Leader loves Jesus and leads others through discipleship. Youth Leaders are involved in spending time and mentoring young people in high school from years 7 to year 12. They provide pastoral support to youth and communicate any concerns to the Youth Pastors.

A Riverview High Volunteer provides technical and production support such as safety, set up, pack down and running of games. They have a heart to serve and understand that youth continue to look up to them as leaders.

Hands on help and assistance to provide basic maintenance where needed for those with home maintenance needs in our community. (single mums, elderly etc) An opportunity for handymen (& women) who’d like to assist in practical ways.

Organising a variety of events (often monthly) designed to facilitate friendship and connection.

Assist producer with stage management, maintain stage presentation, communication with various teams, ensuring speakers required items and support.

Singers & Musicians: Helping to create an atmosphere to inspire, motivate and lead the congregation in praise and worship of God. An audition is required.