The Building Project

To widen our welcome and extend our home


Riverview Church has a rich history and heritage over three decades in the making, but it’s time turn our attention to the future by providing buildings that will better enable Riverview to bring help, hope and healing to the thousands of people in our local community. We want to see more people come to know that Jesus is alive and Jesus is Lord! We want see people connected, equipped and inspired to serve their God-given purpose on earth. So, whether you are new to Riverview or have been on the journey with us for many years, we invite you to be a part of this Building Project that will widen our welcome and extend our home!

“Investing in the next generation is about our church serving their future for His Kingdom.”
Tim Healy


How To Give

We are believing God, that together we can raise over 3 million dollars in the next 2 years, which would ensure both the renovation at Burswood and the home for Joondalup proceed with minimal additional debt passed on to the generations to come.

We are simply asking every adult who calls Riverview Church home to be part of the Building Project by giving $2 per day over and above their regular giving for the next two years to help us extend our home and widen our welcome.