What is the money used for?

All money given to Riverview Church is used to help implement the work of the church including but not limited to the cost of weekend services, staff salaries, pastoral care programs and teaching programs.

The Riverview Trust supports Riverview Community Services, Riverview Media and Riverview Children's Foundation projects. We have a variety of initiatives that enable us to care for the poor, help our local and overseas community.


Is my donation tax deductible?

All giving to Riverview Church is generally not tax-deductible.

All giving above $2 to Riverview Trust is tax-deductible. You will receive your tax receipt at the end of the financial year.


Giving by Cheque

Giving to Riverview Burswood
Please make payable to Riverview Church Burswood and include your contact details

Riverview Church Burswood
PO Box 524
Victoria Park WA 6979

Giving to Riverview Joondalup
Please make payable to Riverview Church Joondalup and include your contact details

Riverview Church Joondalup
PO Box 524
Victoria Park WA 6979


Giving by TEXT

To give to Riverview Church by text as a once off or recurring donation please use the numbers below.

Giving Numbers

Burswood Campus: 0480 015 630
Joondalup Campus: 0439 457 593

Simply text “GIVE” to the designated number for your campus.

How does it work?

Once you text "GIVE" to one of the giving numbers, you will immediately receive a SMS with a secure link to a quick and easy one-time form to create your profile. This only needs to be completed the first time you use text giving. Once your account is set up it’s easy to give directly by text! Just type in the amount you’d like to give and send to the campus number. To make things even easier save your campus text giving number as a contact in your phone.

Download the Tithely App to access your account, make changes to your profile, or to set up recurring giving.


What is cover my fees?

“Cover my fees” is a feature that you can select to ensure your full giving amount goes to Riverview by opting to cover the transaction fee that our provider has set (1.25%).

Is giving by Text secure?

Absolutely! Riverview text giving has partnered with Tithely, one of the world leaders in online and mobile church giving. Tithely processes all of the payments with Stripe, a level one PCI compliant service provider that uses AES-256 encryption.

Can I give to the Riverview Trust or the Building Project?

No, currently you can only give by text to Riverview Church. It is not available for any tax-deductible giving.

What do I do if I've made a mistake?

Simply text “REFUND” up to 30 minutes after the initial transaction. For any refunds after 30 minutes contact finance@riverviewchurch.com.au.

Where does the payment come from?

During set up you are asked to nominate a credit card to be associated with your account. Your giving will come directly from this credit card, and each time you give you’ll be sent a receipt to your nominated email address.

What is emoji giving?

Tithely provides an opportunity for customisation using emojis for your giving to different entities. As text giving is currently only available to Riverview Church, emoji giving is not recommended.


Giving by EFT

Giving to Riverview Burswood (Non Tax-Deductible)
Account Name: Riverview Burswood
BSB: 066-163
Account Number: 1024 3724

Giving to Riverview Joondalup (Non Tax-Deductible)
Account Name: Riverview Joondalup
BSB: 066-163
Account Number: 1071 9227

Giving to Riverview Trust (Tax-Deductible)
Giving to the Riverview Trust by EFT requires a DONOR ID to enable us to send you a tax receipt at the end of the financial year. Please visit the Riverview Trust to register.


The Building Project - Giving by Credit Card


The Building Project - Joondalup EFT Giving

"Providing a home at Joondalup that communicates our long term commitment to the local area!"

Give TODAY to the Building Project Joondalup by using these bank details. All giving to the Riverview Joondalup Building Fund is not tax-deductible.

Account Name: Riverview Church Inc. Joondalup Building Fund
BSB: 066-163
Account Number: 1073 1496

Thank you for your generosity that will enable us to widen our welcome and extend our home!


Automatic Monthly Giving

Recurring monthly donations are debited on the 15th of each month for all recurring donations made after February 11th 2019.

At the time the donation is made a pro-rata payment will be taken. This proportional amount is calculated based on the donation and the number of days before the next 15th day of the month. The full donation amount will then be debited each month starting on the next 15th day of the month. This will be reflected in the receipt emailed to you.