Grow in Faith & Life

Discipleship pathway for life and faith

Starting Point

Christianity. What’s it all about? 

If you're wondering what a Christian believes or you want to know what Riverview emphasises when it comes to faith, Starting Point is the place to ask your questions about life and God.

Starting Point is a conversation, not a classroom. It's a interactive group where you can explore faith, discuss your doubts, and experience authentic community. You're welcome to join us at Burswood or Joondalup it's free, but registration is essential!


Advance in Faith

Advance in Faith is a dynamic and inspiring series of teaching units designed to help believers grow in their understanding of scripture and faith, and learn how Christian principles apply to modern day life through classroom learning and small group discussion. All classes are free, however registration is essential!

Level 1 is the perfect place to start your learning adventure featuring 8 rotating units that provide an overview of the major Christian beliefs. Topics like God’s Great Story, Reading the Bible, The Holy Spirit and You will grow your understanding of scripture and connect you with other mature Christians to do your learning journey with.

Level 2 is the next step in the adventure where topics on Church History, Biblical Studies, and Theology are explored. A total of 16 units are on offer in Advance in Faith Level 2, with 4 units available each year.


Advance in Life

Life in the 21st century can become very complicated very quickly, and we don't always feel ready for what comes our way. You might need skills for the next stage in life or feel stuck in your current circumstances and need to change the way you think. Advance in Life is a range of life skills programs held at our Burswood campus on Wednesday nights designed to equip and empower you to grow in God, and help you practically through solid, insightful and life-changing teaching.