Advance in Faith Level 1

Advance in Faith Level 1, consists of 8 units that are designed to help believers grow in an understanding of scripture and faith, and learn how Christian principles apply to modern day life.

Advance in Faith 101: God’s Great Story

12 Mar 2018
101 - Week 1: What does it mean to be a Christian?

In whose story are we living?

Advance in Faith 102. Jesus: Liberator and King

01 May 2017
102: Week 1 - Jesus’ vocation: the kingdom of God

We seek to understanding Jesus in his setting, with the terms he used to describe himself and his work.

08 May 2017
102: Week 2 - Jesus’ identity: Son of Man

Why did Jesus prefer to label himself "the son of man" -- a phrase that means human? What did he think humans should be doing, and how did he plan to do it differently than other humans?

15 May 2017
102: Week 3 - Jesus’ Teachings

We look Jesus' teaching as found in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). What was Jesus calling God's people to be and do? And how did Jesus himself embody his teaching?

22 May 2017
102: Week 4 - The king arrives at his capital

Jesus final journey to Jerusalem has huge significance. He rides into his capital to the adulation of the crowds, and overturns the temple. What was he doing?

29 May 2017
102: Week 5 - Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Why did Jesus die? How did he understand what his death meant? What changed when he rose from the dead?

12 Jun 2017
102: Week 6 - Jesus in the world today

How is Jesus present and at work today? How do we partner with him?

Advance in Faith 103. Holy Spirit and You

24 Jul 2017
103: Week 1 - Encountering Holy Spirit

Who is Holy Spirit? How do we encounter him? How his his presence with us different than it was in Old Testament times?

31 Jul 2017
103: Week 2 - Jesus and Holy Spirit

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to his followers (John 14-16), and his first act after ascending the throne was to empower his followers with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1-2).

07 Aug 2017
103: Week 3 - Life with Holy Spirit

How do we life a life that produces what the Spirit intends (his fruit) instead of expressing our broken humanity (Galatians 5)? What does this life in the Spirit look like (Romans 8)?

14 Aug 2017
103: Week 4 - Holy Spirit’s gifts (part 1)

What would it look like to use the gifts of the Spirit (as listed in 1 Corinthians 12) to care for each other?

21 Aug 2017
103: Week 5 - Holy Spirit’s gifts (part 2)

Holy Spirit empowers us to partner with God in caring for people. His gifts include prophecy, distinguishing spirits, tongues, and interpretation.

28 Aug 2017
103: Week 6 - Living in union with Holy Spirit

God is a relational being (three in one). See how they treat each other, e.g. Father and Son, Son and Spirit. They're the best dance moves ever! Join the dance.

Advance in Faith 104. Christian Living

16 Oct 2017
104: Week 1 - The Stewardship Paradigm

This unit discusses what it looks like on a day to day basis to live according to the Christian Faith

23 Oct 2017
104: Week 2 - The Believer's Body

If our bodies belong to God, how do we look after them?

30 Oct 2017
104: Week 3 - Money

How should the believer handle money and material wealth? The Bible gives us many perspectives and principles.

06 Nov 2017
104: Week 4 - Healthy Relationships

Jesus taught the core relationship wisdom we need. Our family relationships and friendships are most significant when lived as God intended.

13 Nov 2017
104: Week 5 - The Inner You

What does it look like to honour God with every part of your being, body, soul, and spirit?

20 Nov 2017
104: Week 6 - Living in Contemporary Culture

How should we live for Christ in our consumer-orientated, instant-gratification, technologically-soaked society?

Advance in Faith 105: The Life of Faith

12 Mar 2018
105 - Week 1: Essential Faith

Faith is essential to life, so what is it? How do we identify it?

19 Mar 2018
105 - Week 2: The Object of Our Faith

Faith in ...? How do we know who God is and what to trust him for?

Advance in Faith 106. Growing Spiritually

01 May 2017
106: Week 1 - A Royal Priesthood

What are the spiritual disciplines, and how do they help us grow?

08 May 2017
106: Week 2 - Study and Prayer

Bible study and prayer are the most foundational ways to grow spiritually. Learn how to do these things well.

15 May 2017
106: Week 3 - Fasting and Meditation

What is fast? What does the Bible say about it? Why fast? How does Christian meditation differ from meditation in other religions? How do we practice mediation?

22 May 2017
106: Week 4 - Simplicity and Submission

29 May 2017
106: Week 5 - Seeking Guidance and Confession

12 Jun 2017
106: Week 6 - Service, Solitude, Worship

The final three spiritual disciplines we discuss are: serving God and others, developing rhythms of time with God in solitude, and living to bring honour to God.

Advance in Faith 107. Reading the Bible for all it's Worth

24 Jul 2017
107: Week 1 - The Reliability of Scripture

This unit examines what questions and skills we need to bring to our reading of the Bible in order to understand the message of Scripture to the best of our ability.

31 Jul 2017
107: Week 2 – Interpreting Scripture (Part 1)

Understanding inspiration. Suggesting a model for Bible Study (SOAP). Discussing principles of interpretation.

07 Aug 2017
107: Week 3 - Interpreting Scripture (Part 2)

Practical examples of exegeting Scripture, from Mark 11.

14 Aug 2017
107: Week 4 - Interpreting Scripture (Part 3)

How to handle different literary genres found in Scripture: poetry, apocalyptic, parables, proverbs, and narrative.

21 Aug 2017
107: Week 5 - Reading Hebrew Narratives

In what sense can narrative be authoritative? What storytelling conventions do we need to recognize in Hebrew narratives?

28 Aug 2017
107: Week 6 - Difficult Scriptures

Covers principles for understanding eschatology, the Book of Revelation, and various genres. Examples include the genealogies in Matthew and Luke, slavery in Scripture, the role of women in Paul's letters, and war in the OT.

Advance in Faith 108. Good News for God's World

16 Oct 2017
108: Week 1 - Sharing Good News

What is the good news, and how do we share it? You'll find this encouraging and liberating.

23 Oct 2017
108: Week 2 - The Good News of Jesus

What was the good news according to Jesus? How should we understand the problem of sin, and how does the gospel resolve it?

30 Oct 2017
108: Week 3 - Gospel in Our Culture

To communicate the gospel to our culture, we need to know what the gospel is, how our culture works, and how to cross the divide between the two.

06 Nov 2017
108: Week 4 - Good News in Practice

An interview on how we can be good news for people in Australia and overseas.

13 Nov 2017
108: Week 5 - Jesus' Conversations

Learn how to share good news from the Master. Listen in on Jesus' conversations with Nicodemus (John 3) and the Samaritan woman (John 4).

20 Nov 2017
108: Week 6 Questions People Ask

How do you respond to some of the issues people raise that prevent them placing their trust in Jesus?

Advance in Faith Level 2

Advance in Faith Level 2 is an inspiring series of 16 units, rotating through every 4 years designed to take participants deeper in their understanding of scripture, theology and Church history.

Advance in Faith 201: The Book of Revelation

13 Feb 2017
201: Week 1 - What’s this book about (Rev 1)?

How should we approach the Book of Revelation? We look at the book in its original setting, and consider the four ways it is commonly interpreted. The first vision introduces the main character of the book: Jesus (Revelation 1).

20 Feb 2017
201: Week 2 - The Sovereign to his Servants (Rev 2 - 4)

Having met our king (Rev 1), John receives messages from the ruler to seven outposts of his kingdom (Rev 2-3). His next vision is of our magnificent sovereign who has the throne and rules of heaven and earth (Rev 4).

27 Feb 2017
201: Week 3 - God’s edicts are bound-up!

God's edicts for earth are bound up, but God has the most astounding solution to restore his reign (Rev 5). The Lamb breaks all evils (Rev 6) and restores God's reign (Rev 7).

27 Mar 2017
201: Week 6 - The restoration of all things

Those who acknowledge the Lamb celebrate his victory, while those who resisted him are removed (Rev 19-20). God's government sets everything right; everything he intended in the beginning is fulfilled in the end (Rev 21-22).

Advance in Faith 202: Old Testament Survey

08 Feb 2016
202: Week 1 - Orientation to the Old Testament

Why bother with the Old Testament? How to do we understand its story? Genesis: God plants his kingdom.

15 Feb 2016
202: Week 2 - Torah: Israel as God's Kingdom

Exodus: God’s representative kingdom. Leviticus: God’s holy kingdom. Numbers: God’s wayward kingdom. Deuteronomy: God’s on-going kingdom.

22 Feb 2016
202: Week 3 - Who is king?

Joshua: taking and dividing the land. Judges: theocracy proves impractical. 1 Samuel: Saul’s kingship. 2 Samuel: David’s kingship. 1 Kings 1–11: Solomon’s kingship.

29 Feb 2016
202: Week 4 - God’s kingdom disintegrates

The kingdom splits into Israel and Judah. Assyria destroys Israel, leaving only Judah. Then Judah is crushed by Babylon. Is this the end of God's kingdom?

14 Mar 2016
202: Week 5 - After the Exile

Is there a kingdom of God after Israel has been destroyed? Covering Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

21 Mar 2016
202: Week 6 - The Writings & Minor Prophets

Putting the entire OT together as a single story with an amazing plot. Includes Ruth, Chronicles, Job - Song of Songs, and the Minor Prophets.

Advance in Faith 204: The Gospel of Mark

16 Oct 2017
204: Week 1 - An Introduction and Chapter 1

A 6 week study of the Gospel of Mark.

23 Oct 2017
204: Week 2 - Chapters 2-4

Jesus begins his teaching through parables. What could they really mean?

30 Oct 2017
204: Week 3 - Chapter 5 Faith and Fear

Jesus continues his ministry of healing

06 Nov 2017
204: Week 4 - Chapters 6&7

What of the Gentiles?

13 Nov 2017
204: Week 5 - Messiah King and Priest Chapters 8-11

The turning point in Mark's gospel.

20 Nov 2017
204: Week 6 - Chapters 13-16

The destruction of the Temple and of the Messiah

Advance in Faith 206: History of Christianity to Reformation

24 Jul 2017
206: Week 1 - Beginning to Empire

The church in the first three centuries.

31 Jul 2017
206: Week 2 - Church as Empire

The church in eastern and western Europe, and in Britain.

07 Aug 2017
206: Week 3 - The Middle Ages

Jerome and Scholarship, Augustine, Monasticism.

21 Aug 2017
206: Week 5 - Holy Roman Empire

Pope Innocent III. Magna Carta. Decline of Papal Power. Results of the Crusades. John Wycliff and John Hus.

28 Aug 2017
206: Week 6 - Development of Western Thought

Plato and Aristotle. Hebrew thought. Augustine. Aquinas.

Advance in Faith 213: Ethics

27 Jul 2015
213: Week 1 - Introduction to Ethics

Ethics (often called moral philosophy) is the study of human morality and the application of that morality to contemporary life. Its concern is not only with what is right (morality) but also with doing what is right (moral application).

03 Aug 2015
213: Week 2 - Christians and Social Ethics

10 Aug 2015
213: Week 3 - Christians, Ethics and Justice

17 Aug 2015
213: Week 4 - Marriage Divorce and Re-marriage

24 Aug 2015
213: Week 5 - Sexuality and Christian Ethics

31 Aug 2015
213: Week 6 - Christians and Environmental Ethics

Advance in Faith 214: Galatians

04 May 2015
214: Week 1 - Introduction

Paul's letter to the Galatians is perhapes the beginning of his written thought about the Christian faith. Here he deals with what the gospel really is and how we should live in light of it.

11 May 2015
214: Week 2 - Chapter 1

18 May 2015
214: Week 3 - Chapter 2

25 May 2015
214: Week 4 - Chapter 3

08 Jun 2015
214: Week 5 - Chapter 4

15 Jun 2015
214: Week 6 - Chapters 5&6

Advance in Faith 215: The Psalms

23 Feb 2015
215: Week 3 - Messiah in the Psalms

09 Mar 2015
215: Week 4 - Our Faithful Ruler Ps 45 & 89

16 Mar 2015
215: Week 5 - Exile and Beyond

23 Mar 2015
215: Week 6 - Praise to Our King

Advance in Faith 216: Apologetics

09 May 2016
216: Week 1 – What is Apologetics?

What is apologetics? Why do we need it? How does it relate to evangelism? How does faith relate to reason? What elements matter in apologetics?

16 May 2016
216: Week 2 - What are We Defending?

How does the Christian faith answer questions about origins, meaning, ethics, and destiny? What other views do we encounter?

23 May 2016
216: Week 3 - Suffering and Evil

How can there be a God when there is so much evil/suffering in the world? It's a question we have to face. How do you respond?

20 Jun 2016
216: Week 6 - The Bible

How reliable is the Bible? Has it been transmitted faithfully over the centuries? Were the right documents included?

Advance in Faith 217: New Testament Survey

25 Jul 2016
217: Week 1 - Introduction and Gospel of John

How is the New Testament put together? Who were the people who wrote these books, and what was their background? What are "Gospels"? Why are the first three similar? Who wrote the Gospel of John, and what message was he conveying?

Advance in Faith 218: Worldviews

17 Oct 2016
218: Week 1 - What is a Worldview?

An Introduction to Worldviews, including story, questions, symbols, and praxis

24 Oct 2016
218: Week 2 - Stories

How do Australia's stories shape our worldview?

31 Oct 2016
218: Week 3 - Todays Most Common Worldviews

Contrasts the perspectives of Christian theism versus naturalism

14 Nov 2016
218: Week 4 - Why we think the way we do

Worldview questions such as: How do we understand the world around us? What is a human being? Why do we think the way we do?

21 Nov 2016
218: Week 5 - Why we think the way we do

We survey the rise of modernity, and the change from modernity to post modernity. Roman and Jewish worldviews of the first century were so different to ours.

28 Nov 2016
218: Week 6 - First Century worldviews

What constituted the first century Jewish worldview? How was this expressed in their story, symbols, and praxis? How did they answer the worldview questions? Why does this matter to us?

Advance in Faith 219: The Revolution of the Cross

01 May 2017
219: Week 1 - The Centrality of the Cross

What are we talking about when we use the word "cross"? This sessions surveys the New Testament to find out.

08 May 2017
219: Week 2 - The Centrality of the Cross Continued

What does the cross achieve? Our discussion centres on what it means to be reconciled to God.

15 May 2017
219: Week 3 - Sin Death and Vocation

22 May 2017
219: Week 4 - Jesus as the Answer

How does Jesus' life fit the description of 'According to Scripture'?

29 May 2017
219: Week 5 - Jesus' Special Passover

Jesus chose the Passover as the time of his death to renew God's saving of, not just Israel this time but the world, from slavery.

12 Jun 2017
219: Week 6 - Our Response – “Salvation by Allegiance Alone”

What did Jesus say about salvation? What was the gospel Paul preached? Is faith "allegiance"?

Advance in Faith 220: Book of Exodus

12 Mar 2018
220 - Week 1: Let my people go (Ex 1–6)

How God’s people became slaves (Ex 1–2)
Two realities: God and oppression (Ex 3–6)

19 Mar 2018
220 Week 2: “I am YHWH” (Ex 7–14)

Purpose of the plagues (Ex 7–10)

Death and deliverance: Passover, Red Sea (Ex 11–14)