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Modern Family

15 Oct 2019
Shaping the Heart of your Home

Every home has the potential to be a place where love, joy, peace and kindness shape the lives of those who live in it. In this message from our Senior Minister Tim Healy, we discover three powerful influences that can shape the heart of your home and transform into the life-giving place God desires it to be.


08 Oct 2019

Elijah’s story reminds us that God has called us to be a prophetic people who stand in the gap between reality and possibility. That is often challenging, and we can’t always guarantee the outcome. In this message from Zac Gageler, we are reminded that if we are faithful and obedient, God will protect, provide and His purpose will be served in and through us.

04 Oct 2019
Connect Teaching Series - ONE ANOTHER - Ep 4

We are called to be a community that speaks truth into each other’s lives and supports one another as we become all who Jesus calls us to be. In episode 4 of our Connect Teaching Series, "One Another", we discuss what it means to have positive, helpful and truthful relationships with each other.


29 Sep 2019

The story of Samson takes on a different dynamic when we look at him through a lens of a man disconnected from community. His story highlights the value of being in relationship with community and valuing true connection over a reliance on personal gifting and capacity. In this message from Aash Parmar we’ll explore the story of Samson through this lens and bring before God, and one another, our next steps towards deeper connection with community.

27 Sep 2019
Connect Teaching Series - ONE ANOTHER - Ep 3

Today we're excited to bring you Episode 3 of our Riverview Connect Teaching Series entitled, "One Another"; a series all about building stronger, better, and healthier relationships in our world, and growing deeper in relationship with Jesus. In today's episode, Aash Parmar teaches on the importance of forgiveness to building community.

26 Sep 2019
Connect Teaching Series - ONE ANOTHER - Ep 2

Today we're excited to bring you Episode 2 of our Riverview Connect Teaching Series entitled, "One Another"; a series all about building stronger, better, and healthier relationships in our world, and growing deeper in relationship with Jesus. In today's episode, Ryan Gageler teaches on recognising the value of celebrating one another.


22 Sep 2019
The Canaanite Woman

Only occasionally in the biblical narrative does Jesus encounter such faith that stops him in his tracks. In this message from Aaron Stacey, we discover four lessons from the story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman, a woman who was in crisis but whose pursuit, persistence and passion resulted a miracle.

15 Sep 2019

If you follow God and serve God, then it is almost inevitable that at some point you are going to sense God asking you to do something you either feel you can’t do or don’t want to do. In today's message, Tim Healy explores the life of Gideon; a story about God’s strength being made manifest in the midst of human weakness; a story about a God who loves us for who we are but sees us for who we are destined to be in Him, a God who calls us to be a part of what He is doing in the world.

08 Sep 2019
The Devil

The Devil is the father of lies. His strategy from the very beginning have been to deceive to distort, distort to destroy. Through Christ Jesus (by his death and resurrection) the powers of the enemy have been disarmed and victory has been achieved. Whilst victory has been achieved, we await the day in which victory is fully established. In this message from Ryan Gageler, we discover how to stand firm Christ’s victory, and combat the powers of darkness and deceit of the enemy with the Truth and Word of God.

05 Sep 2019
Connect Teaching Series - ONE ANOTHER - Ep 1

We're so excited to bring you the latest season of our Riverview Connect Teaching Series entitled, "One Another"; a series all about building stronger, better, and healthier relationships in our world, and growing deeper in relationship with Jesus. In today's episode, Tim Healy teaches on recognising the value of encouragement and how we can practically become a source of encouragement to others.

01 Sep 2019
Sons: Joseph

Joseph was entrusted with the responsibility to raise Jesus and support Mary. His commitment to his calling made it possible for the plan and purpose of God to prevail in and through his wife and his son. Who has God called you to raise? And who has God called you to support? In this message from Tim Healy, we discover how embracing these unique aspects of calling helps to change the world for good and for God.

18 Aug 2019
Earth Matters

Today's message is especially close to our hearts as a church. Earth is our home, the place in which we live, move, and have our being. God has entrusted it to our care and every one of us, as human beings, has an important part in preserving it for future generations. This message was delivered by Tim Healy on 14 October 2018.


11 Aug 2019

The story of Daniel is over 2600 years old, yet it contains profound truths still applicable today. Ryan Gageler shares how Daniel's mission was not to become like Babylon, or to burn down Babylon; but according to God it was to bless Babylon. He challenges us, that when we find ourselves in places of exile, we reflect God and just like Daniel bless those around us through excellence, integrity and carefully walking the tightrope of discernment.

04 Aug 2019
Paul the Apostle

The Apostle Paul’s life was indelibly marked by three things that made him the deeply devoted follower of Jesus that he was. In this message Tim Healy shares that these same three things can mark our lives and enable us, like Paul, to live lives of eternal significance and purpose.

Beyond Words

28 Jul 2019
Hearing from God

Hearing God’s voice is rarely as straightforward as we would like, and often we don't hear anything but our own voice when we pray. In this message Clare Gageler outlines several practical ways to attune our ears, and challenges us to lean into the silence as we connect with God.

21 Jul 2019
Honouring God With Your Life

God calls us into an exciting relationship where we live honouring him. In this message from Aaron Stacey, we discover how to honour Jesus through our everyday, as we honour Jesus in our homes, from our hearts and when the opportunity is at hand.

14 Jul 2019

Strong, healthy, vital relationships take time, energy and intentional effort to build. This is certainly true of our relationships with one another and equally true of our relationship with God. In this message from Tim Healy we discover the role that desire plays in relationship and learn how to keep the fire of desire for God burning bright.

07 Jul 2019
The Prayer Struggle

If prayer is so essential, why do we all struggle to pray? In this message from Zac Gageler, we see how Jesus and His disciples approached prayer differently, and explore some of the reasons we struggle. The solution being found in Jesus’ constant conversation with the Father.

30 Jun 2019
Riverview's Got Talent

“Well done good and faithful servant!” These are words that God will one day speak to some but sadly not to others. In this message from our Senior Minister Tim Healy, we find out who will get to hear these words of affirmation and validation from God and why. The good news is that you can be one of them!


23 Jun 2019
Anil and Lorraine Francis From Mukti Mission

On REACH Sunday we welcomed Lorraine and Anil Francis, champions of justice who have invested the last 30 years of their lives building and leading Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission (PRMM) in India. In this interview with Tim Healy, they share their faith in God, love for the women and children of India, and the story of Mukti that restores, renews and rebuilds lives through education, support and empowerment.

You Are The Light

09 Jun 2019
The 'S' Word

Have you ever wondered what is wrong with the world? Why does there seem to be so much suffering, sorrow, injustice and pain? The Bible not only answers that question but also reveals a way out of the darkness into the light of God’s love. In this message from Tim Healy, we discover the truth about why we live in a broken world and what God is doing to heal and restore it.

02 Jun 2019
The Shibboleth That Divides Us

In Bible book of Judges where we first find the word Shibboleth, it cost thousands of men their lives just because they couldn’t pronounce the word properly. Guest speaker, Paul Scanlon, shares that Shibboleths are any custom, belief, point of view or methodology that causes disunity, and he encourages us to step beyond exclusion and have a heart that loves all people.

02 Jun 2019
Who's Pushing Them In?

We need to wake up to the realisation that the long term answer to humanities troubles isn’t rescue, but re-education, prevention not cure, and cause not effect. Our guest speaker, Paul Scanlon, shares how we can bring hope and help to our world by investing into relationships and growing people.

26 May 2019
Glow In The Dark

The world in which we live is full of spiritual, moral and social darkness but God has a plan to overcome the darkness – and that plan is you! As followers of Jesus we get to continue the mission of Jesus to illuminate the dark places in our world with the light of His love and the power of His Spirit. In this message our senior minister Tim Healy shares how each of us can effectively live as those called by God to be “salt and light”.

19 May 2019
Created To Carry

When Jesus tells us to be the 'Salt of the earth', His symbolism is perfect and the implication is powerful. In this message from Beau Spencer, he shares how we have been created to carry a great treasure; the very presence of God. If we live that out well, we can be agents of change for His Kingdom.

Mother's Day

12 May 2019
Royal Family

Most of us were born into ordinary families. We don’t all come from families of great wealth, fame or significance. However, when we are brought into right relationship with God through faith in Jesus, we become part of His family! God becomes our Father, King Jesus our elder brother and we get millions of brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world. In this special Mothers’ Day message from our senior minister Tim Healy, we explore 5 life-changing truths about being in the family of God that He wants all of us to know.

The Trouble With Jesus

28 Apr 2019
From Faith To Reality

Our guest speaker and best-selling author Steven K. Scott, shares the two most important questions a Christian can ask – what does God want from me, and how can we give God what He wants.


21 Apr 2019
The Cross Has The Final Word

Jesus is alive and Jesus is Lord! This is a profound reality and one that has significant implications for each one of us. How should we respond to the truth that Christ has been raised from the dead and all authority in heaven and earth given to Him? Find out in this Easter Sunday message from our senior minister Tim Healy.

The Trouble With Jesus

14 Apr 2019
Heart Check

In John 13 Jesus demonstrated what a humble heart that serves looks like. The trouble is, it’s a heart that is extremely counter cultural to our western context. Jesus didn’t let social status or cultural norms dictate His relationships with people, instead He got up, got low and got messy. In this message Aaron Stacey, challenges us to follow Jesus’ example, and embrace a humble heart that loves, serves and engages with all the people of our world.

07 Apr 2019

A big part of why Jesus came was to make it possible for each of us to experience the goodness and kindness of God in the form of His grace. We will never understand God if we don’t understand grace and in this message from Tim Healy we discover just how amazing and surprising God’s grace really is.

31 Mar 2019
Maybe We Need To Break Through The Roof?

In Mark 2 we see the friends of a paralysed man going to extreme lengths so he could encounter Jesus and be healed. Are we willing to do the same? Our guest speaker Melinda Dwight shares the different perspective of each one in this story and how Jesus doesn’t always answer the way you expect.

24 Mar 2019
Light Carrier Or Closet Christian

The trouble with Jesus is that he calls us the light of the world, not the light of the church. Zac Gageler highlights four trends of closet Christianity and shares practical wisdom to help us faithfully function as light carriers within a dark world

17 Mar 2019
Redefining Faithfulness

The Trouble with Jesus is that he doesn’t call us to comfortable, convenient, cultural Christianity – He calls us to lay down our ambitions, our desires, our allegiances, our priorities, our lives and follow. Ryan Gageler in this message, shares that faithfulness to Jesus is marked by discipleship to Jesus.

10 Mar 2019
7 Habits of Highly Annoying Religious People

Jesus came to liberate our lives from enslavement to man-made religious systems and their tendency to produce religious hypocrisy in us. In His challenge to the Jewish religious leaders of the time, Jesus exposed seven things that reveal the presence of a religious spirit in our hearts. In this message from Tim Healy, we discover what they are, and how to be free from them, so that you can love God and serve others with a pure heart.

03 Mar 2019
The Trouble With Jesus

In Luke 15, the religious leaders accused Jesus of associating with sinners. Jesus confronted these leaders and turned their traditions upside down. Our guest speaker Mark Conner shares a perspective of the real Jesus and an aspect of the prodigal son story that may surprise you.

Better Together

24 Feb 2019
Pot Plant Or Tree

Psalm 92 describes those in right standing with God, likening them to a tree. In this message our guest speaker James Aiton shares how being planted, flourishing and producing fruit is vital to growing in God.

17 Feb 2019
The Multigenerational Church

The family of God is made up of many different generations, each one uniquely positioned to serve and support the others. In this message from Tim Healy, we discover that we are better together when we embrace our diversity and strive for unity as a multigenerational church.

10 Feb 2019
Finding Friendship in the Family of God

One of the best things about following Jesus is that you get to be part of the family God. However, within the context of spiritual family, we all have a deep desire for friendship and relationship. So how do we move from simply belonging to the family of God, to finding friendship within the family of God? In this message, Tim Healy shares five essentials steps that will guide your way.

Vision Sunday

03 Feb 2019
Vision Sunday

As Riverview Church we have a shared future that is full of purpose and promise. We belong together and are better together! In this message, our Senior Minister, Tim Healy, shares the vision that will shape our shared life as a faith community in the year ahead. The best is yet to come!

Life By Design

27 Jan 2019
Purpose over Popularity

Every day we have choices to make. Decisions that determine who we become and what we do. Are we living for others, or are we choosing comfort over calling? In this final message from our Life by Design series, Aaron Stacey shares that when we choose God's purpose in the everyday moments and lay down our lives to serve Him, we please God and are set free from the opinion of others.

20 Jan 2019
Patterns, Principles and Priorities

God has called us and empowered us to live our lives with intentionality and purpose. To align with the divine design for life we need to embrace Kingdom patterns, principles and priorities. Discover how these God-given gifts enable us to live a life that honours God and blesses others.

13 Jan 2019
Everyday Statues

As followers of Jesus and image bearers of our Creator, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we all have a purpose. To represent Him, wherever we go in whatever we do. If you have an 'everyday', you have a purpose!

06 Jan 2019
Life By Design

God has gifted us with the freedom and ability to choose. That power comes with great responsibility as the choices we make have far reaching implications. Discover how the ability to exercise our volitional capacity aligns our lives with the will and the way of God and attracts blessing and favour from God.

30 Dec 2018
Crossing Over | Zac Gageler

Beginning a new year is a perfect time to consider whether we are living in the present, or lost in a past memory. The journey of Israel’s exodus provides a great example of how to let go and lay hold of all God has for us, and in this message Zac Gageler explores two practical principles that will help us live with vision and intent for the things of God.


16 Dec 2018
I Am The Vine

In the final instalment of our I AM series, we discover the surprising way Jesus expects us to interact with Him. Clare Gageler explains that when Jesus says “I AM the vine” it’s an invitation to strengthen a real connection with Him, to love and be loved, and ultimately, to experience life in the way we were always designed to live.

09 Dec 2018
I am the Resurrection

As we celebrate the season of Advent, Alex McKellar shares that Jesus’ statement “I am the Resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25) is a story of the incarnation - God breaking into our world as Jesus, becoming the one who will suffer, die and be resurrected for all of humanity. God wants us to be full of resurrection life, and calls us to bring that life to others

02 Dec 2018
Come To Me

In the plane of your life, is Jesus at the controls or have you hijacked the cockpit? In John 14:6, we discover that direction is secondary to the One who directs our steps. Jesus calls us to relinquish our desire for control and deepen our dependance on Him as the way, the truth and the life.

25 Nov 2018
Light of the World

Jesus’s statement, "I am the light of the world” follows one of the greatest grace-filled stories in all the bible - the woman caught in adultery. In this message, Aaron Stacey shares how the law reveals our sin, His love reveals God’s grace, and His light reveals our hope.

18 Nov 2018
The Good Shepherd

Sheep need a shepherd and so do we! Left on our own we are prone to wander, get easily lost and are vulnerable to danger. Jesus has come to be a faithful shepherd and to guide, guard, and provide for His flock. Discover what it means to have Jesus as your good shepherd.

11 Nov 2018
Stepping In Faith

Joining us at Riverview Church, guest speaker Steve Chong delivered a passionate message challenging us to live out our faith boldly.

04 Nov 2018
The Bread of Life

In John 6, Jesus declares himself to be “the bread of life”, and through this statement of identity, gives us valuable insight into who God is. Just as we need to eat every day, we need Him every day to sustain us at the point of our greatest need. In this message Tim Healy shares how receiving Jesus is the key to receiving abundant and eternal life.


28 Oct 2018
Loving Beyond Your Loved Ones

God has always shown a special concern for the poor, needy, impoverished and orphans. It should come as no surprise that He expects His followers to do the same. In this episode Beau challenges us on how far our relational responsibility reaches, and encourages us to love passionately beyond our loved ones.

21 Oct 2018
Bricks Without Straw

Guest speaker Paul Scanlon shares how God used Pharaoh and the bricks without straw scenario to force movement amongst a people who had become attached to an enemy they thought couldn’t get any worse. Paul explains that sometimes the difference between liberation and freedom is an enemy not a friend.

14 Oct 2018
Earth Matters

Earth is our home, the place in which we live, move and have our being. God has entrusted it to our care and every one of us as human beings has an important part to play in preserving it for future generations.

07 Oct 2018
The "R" Word

Everything we have been entrusted with belongs to God. It all comes from Him and belongs to Him and ultimately it must be accounted for before Him. Embracing the call to stewardship is all about accepting our God-given responsibility, not as duty but as an opportunity to love and serve others, and clarifying what we are responsible for, who we are responsible to, and to whom we have a responsibility towards.

Face To Face

30 Sep 2018
The Power of the Tongue

We all speak with an accent. But what we say also has a spiritual accent. So what accent do you speak with? Is it an accent of life that flows from a renewed, God-focused heart? Or is it an accent of death that flows from a world-focused heart? The good news is that through a continuing relationship with Jesus, we can renew our heart daily, and start speaking life to those around us.

23 Sep 2018
The Power of Listening

Conversations are an essential part of human relationships. But are you really listening to others when they talk to you, or are you just thinking about what you will say next, or coming up with a better story than the one they're telling? Listening doesn't happen in a vacuum; it takes all of our senses to truly hear what people say. So who do you need to really listen to today?

A Generous Life

04 Mar 2018
Why Generosity Matters

Choosing a life of generosity is something all of us can all do. In this message we discover 7 of the most important reasons why God calls us to be generous with our whole lives.


25 Feb 2018
The Call to Battle

God has a great future in mind for you, a future worth fighting for. The plans, purposes and promises of God will always attract the attention of the enemy but through Christ we can overcome.

18 Feb 2018
Building God's House

Jesus said he will build His Church; a Church made up of people that gather together to be an influence and have an impact on society. Mark Conner gives us seven tools that we can use to help us build God's Church.

11 Feb 2018
The Future of Our Church (Part 2)

We continue our conversation about the significant influences that will shape our shared life together in the future. Discover what’s new at Riverview and how you can be a part of it.

04 Feb 2018
The Future of Our Church (Part 1)

In this message we explore the aspects of vision that will shape our culture and therefore our future in 2018 and beyond.


28 Jan 2018
What's Driving You?

The writer to the Hebrews compares our lives to a race, and calls for us to stay focused on Jesus. But as we run, are we aligning with God's purpose, or are we becoming distracted by the daily grind? Zac explores the Cycle of Grace, and shows us how it will bring us back onto the path God has set for us, and keep Jesus centred in who we are and what we do.

21 Jan 2018
The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness, freely received and freely given, is the first step to experiencing true freedom and joy. Discover how the forgiveness God extends to us liberates our hearts to forgive those who have hurt and disappointed us.

14 Jan 2018
The Power of Priority

Jesus teaches us that the primary object of our pursuit in life will determine the order of our priorities. In light of this, we need to seek first the Kingdom of God. The has very practical and immediate implications for our everyday living.

07 Jan 2018
The Power of Perspective

So much of how we experience life is determined by how we see it. Discover how changing your perspective can alter the course of your life and position you to receive all that God has in store for you.

31 Dec 2017
Is It Time To Reset?

The start of a new year is often when we reflect on our lives and think about what needs to change. Beau Spencer gives us 3 questions to ask when considering a reset in our lives, and challenges us to make sure God is at the centre of everything we do.

Christmas 2017

23 Dec 2017
All is Bright

Tim's message from Riverview Church's Christmas Extravaganza reminds us to consider why we are celebrating this Christmas, and how we are impacted by Jesus coming to the world as the light of the world.

Down to Earth

17 Dec 2017
God on the Margins

The way in which God chose to come to earth in Jesus has important lessons for us as followers of Jesus. Discover what they are and how they should shape our priorities and our passions.

10 Dec 2017
Temporary / Forever

Sometimes when things don't go our way, we can go to God and try to push our own agenda. But our temporary concerns can get in the way of our relationship with God. The reason Jesus came to earth is to restore us to a rich relationship with God that will last forever.

03 Dec 2017
The Incarnation

One of the greatest mysteries and most wonderful truths of the Christian faith is that God not only came to us but became like us in the person of Jesus Christ. Discover why it was necessary for Him to do so and how God’s brief time here on earth deeply impacts on our daily lives in the twenty-first century.

Back to the Future

26 Nov 2017
Gather and Go

Last week Tim talked about the call to gather as a community of devoted followers of Jesus. This week, Beau explores the reason why we gather, and how gathering together goes hand in hand with the call to go and be image bearers of Jesus in our lives.

19 Nov 2017
The Call to Gather

Getting together regularly with other believers is an essential part of what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. By making it a priority we overcome the demands of life that draw our attention and commitment away from this vital aspect of faith life. If it’s important to you you will find a way, if it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

12 Nov 2017
The Five P's (Part 2)

The second installment of our conversation regarding the values and priorities that will shape our shared life together at Riverview as we pursue the future God has in mind and in store for us.

05 Nov 2017
The Five P's (Part 1)

There are five specific words that represent the values and priorities we believe will significantly shape our shared life together as a faith community. Discover what they and why they matter as we continue to focus on our future.

29 Oct 2017
The Challenge of Change

Change is an inevitable and essential part of life, necessary for growth and health and vital for becoming all that God desires us to be. The change that God wants to bring into our lives can often be challenging so Jesus guides us with words of truth that help us respond to and receive God’s best for our lives.


22 Oct 2017
Generational Unity

We are culturally diverse, and we are also generationally diverse. Each generation has different skills, experiences and attitudes that can benefit everyone. And when we unify ourselves through Jesus Christ, we can show the nature of God to the world.

15 Oct 2017
The Mystery of the Human Heart

What motivates us to do the things we do? Why do we sometimes do things, and then can't explain why? Jason Jaggard, CEO of Novus Global, identifies four things that, if we can change the way they influence our behaviour, can be leveraged to push our lives forward into new and great things.

15 Oct 2017
The Extraordinary Life

Jesus doesn’t invite us into a comfortable life, he invites us into a meaningful one. Guest speaker Jason Jaggard, CEO of Novus Global, explores the will of God for our lives, and how we can make them extraordinary.

08 Oct 2017
Humanity: A Kaleidoscopic Hope

Cultural diversity is something to be celebrated. The future that Jesus is creating is a future in which people from every ethnic background come together, united by the common foundation of Jesus as Lord, to fulfill humanity's collective vocation.

Vital Signs

24 Sep 2017
How to Deal With the Way You Feel

Our emotions play a big part in our everyday lives. They affect our relationships, our responses to circumstance, our decision-making and even our physical wellbeing. In this message we explore 3 essential steps to a healthy, balanced emotional life.

17 Sep 2017
Everybody's Body

In a body-conscious world where looking young and beautiful is everything, it's easy to feel bad about the body you're in. The wisdom of God's word however, liberates our hearts from unhealthy thoughts about our bodies and enables us to enjoy them for the gift that they are. In this message discover what God has to say about how we should think and feel about our bodies.

10 Sep 2017
The Path to Peace

Stress and anxiety levels are at an all time high but the good news is that God has a plan for your peace of mind. Discover the pathway to experiencing God's supernatural rest for your soul.

Father's Day 2017

03 Sep 2017
Consider the Source

In a world full of fake news and alternative facts it's getting harder to make sense of what is true and what is not. More than ever before we have to consider the source, especially when it comes to the ideas we are presented with about God and his will for our lives.

Fully Devoted

27 Aug 2017
The Journey to Full Devotion

Nobody goes from 0 to Fully Devoted in a day. It's a journey of ongoing discovery and learning. Find out where the journey begins and where it ultimately ends and take a step closer in your own journey toward Jesus.

20 Aug 2017
In This World

As fully devoted followers of Jesus we are called by God to be present in the world but different from the world. This often creates a tension we need to learn to manage. In this message discover how to live out your faith in Jesus with conviction and compassion.

13 Aug 2017
The Space Between Us

The forces of the world seem to naturally push us apart and keep us from drawing together. But God has given us His love to fill the space between us and help us build a united community.

06 Aug 2017
One Body, Many Parts

The New Testament authors often used the image of a body to describe the church, the community of God's people. They did this to teach us something about the essential nature and purpose of the church and to reveal important insights about how we relate to God and each other. Discover why this metaphor is such a helpful way of thinking about the journey of life and faith we share together.

30 Jul 2017
Saved to Serve

Full devotion to following Jesus is marked by deep commitment to serving others, but why is this so? What is the purpose behind God's call on our lives to serve the people around us, especially our fellow believers?

23 Jul 2017
The Declaration of Baptism

Water Baptism is one of two sacraments that Jesus mandates for all His followers. So what is Water Baptism and why is it such a defining moment in the life of a believer?

16 Jul 2017
The Gift of Worship

We often think of worship as our gift to God, but it is also His gift to us. When we come together in worship to express our love for God in music and song it unifies our hearts, focuses our minds and magnifies God in our field of vision. This makes worship one of the most powerfully transformative experiences a person can have.

09 Jul 2017
The Invitation to Follow

Jesus spoke two words to a few individuals that changed their lives, and those individuals went on to change human history forever. The words were 'Follow Me'. The invitation to follow Jesus remains open to us today. So what does it mean to follow Jesus?

02 Jul 2017
The Gift of Prayer

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts given to us by God. Prayer provides us with an opportunity to have an ongoing conversation with God, and can radically transform our lives. So how should we pray?


25 Jun 2017

Special guests Simone & Sarah Assis were interviewed by Tim Healy at Riverview Church's annual Reach Giving weekend. Tim also spoke about how we need to trust in God for our provision, and use what He provides to do good.

Do Good

18 Jun 2017
The Power of Example

The biblical mandate to 'do good' is about more than charity or philanthropy. It's about leading change, influencing others and seeing transformation in our communities. Discover the important role that your example plays in realising that transformation.

11 Jun 2017
Don't Grow Weary in Doing Good

Doing good often leads to physical tiredness and emotional weariness so how do we safeguard our hearts against the onset of giving and serving fatigue?

04 Jun 2017
The Opportunity to Do Good

God wants us to be a blessing to others through doing good. The good news is that we don’t need money, education, ability or popularity to do so. The opportunity to do good is all around us. We just need to be able to see it and willing to seize it.

28 May 2017
To Do God is to Do Good

How do we do good? And how do we know what we do is good? Tim Costello explains that we need to measure what we do against Jesus, the definition of what God is, and why God is good.

We Are Riverview

21 May 2017
Lessons From a Storm - Part 2

Life’s storms are an opportunity for God to grow his people and show his power. Lessons from the life of Jonah help us discover how God uses storms to achieve his plan and purpose for each and every one of us.

14 May 2017

Is there someone that you compare yourself to, and find that you never seem to be enough, have enough or do enough to match them? We need to avoid the Comparison Trap, and discover that in Jesus, we are enough.