Riverview Church


The vision of our church is to be a spiritual home for thousands who are vibrantly committed to loving God and loving people.

A church where every person and every generation is inspired to follow Jesus with passion and conviction — where every heart is enlarged, every mind is illuminated and every life is transformed.

To grow a people like that, we need to build a place like this. A building within which people can gather and grow.

Let me invite you to pray, work and give toward this vision. And let’s get ready for God to do great things!

churches are people

I see a church that loves, celebrates and inspires all of the generations. A church with older generations who have the heart of spiritual parents and so joyfully champion those younger than themselves; that push the ceiling of our church ever higher for it to be the floor of those coming after.

A church with younger generations who honour and respect those who’ve gone before and appreciate the opportunities they’ve been given to reach their full potential and impact the world for Christ. A church of and for all generations but known for the energy and vitality of the young at heart.

I see a church with a culture of building places and spaces that honour God and value people; that creates environments that reflect the reality of God and speak welcome to others. I see a church so healthy and vibrant that it overflows its own facilities and so births other places, other gatherings, other churches. A church that is as passionate about ‘the’ church thriving and growing as it is about our church thriving and growing; that has a spirit of generosity and seeks to bless and sow into Christ’s church both near and far.

only a few more things


We love our kids and we are excited to be doing all that we can to create environments where they are shaped and encouraged to follow Jesus. These new spaces, with their modern facilities and improved access, will be safe, engaging and fun.


All generations are valued at Riverview. We are creating a range of inviting medium sized spaces where all people can gather around a shared age group, interest or passion. These multi-purposed environments will be in the upstairs area of the next renovation stage and will be ideal for youth, young adults and seniors as well as providing space for a range of educational, connection and discipleship opportunities.


In order to make use of all the space in our building, the empty ceiling space above our old foyer has been reclaimed and will soon serve as a new office and reception environment with increased accessibility. This allows for more space to be created for groups and ministries 
in other areas of the building.

exciting news


All tax receipts are issued at the end of the financial year. We will need your personal details so please make sure you provide them to us on the 'Our Church' envelope or page on the website.


Download the 2017 Our Church Booklet Make your 2017 Pledge Fulfil your 2017 Pledge

steps to give


Spend time with God in prayer. Ask Him to reveal to you what He wants you give. He will put in your heart a figure that will stretch you and grow you because that’s what faith requires. Faith means trusting Him and relying upon Him to provide. If you obey Him, you will and He is faithful and trustworthy.


Complete a written pledge of your intended giving for the coming 12 months from March 2017 — February 2018. Give this written pledge at any service during the month of March.


Trust in God to provide for you and give what you have pledged as either a one-off gift or a monthly donation.


frequently asked questions

We have completed Stage 1. The offices in the first part of Stage 2 are underway and should be done in the next few months. The renovation of the kid's ministry, multi-purpose and educational rooms will begin soon and we are aiming for completion in the next ten months.

Our commitment to our community and to missions is as strong as it has ever been. In fact, as we grow, our capacity to expand these areas of ministry grows further.

All donations over $2 made to 'Our Church' will be tax deductible.

You can give via Our Church page online at riverviewchurch.com.au or through the ‘Our Church’ envelopes available in the seat pockets in the auditorium or at Information at any of our services.

Our current regular giving (tithes and offerings) helps to resource the ministries of the church. In order to sustain these ministries, we ask that donations to this project be in addition to your regular giving. We do
 not want any other area of ministry to reduce their resources in favour of the renovations being completed.

No. Your pledge is between you and God. It simply gives us an indication of our church’s intended giving amounts, which helps us in our financial planning.