Riverview Church

Our Church

Our heart is to see the church of Jesus Christ grow and flourish here and throughout the world. 

Our mission is to see as many people as possible led to Christ and built into a worshipping community and is our heartfelt response to Jesus' command: "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you" (Matt 28:19-20a).

As we follow and obey Him, moments come when the church community receives a vision from Him to stand up and step forward – to reach into the future and embrace opportunities of growth and new spiritual ground. We believe we are at such a moment.

Our vision is to grow to a church of 10,000 and beyond. At present our Burswood building is being renovated and readied to serve our vision well into the future. It will provide a strong base from which future expansion will come. Come and join us as we pray, work and give toward this vision.

Churches are people and people need places

By God's grace we have a building that provides a place for us not only to gather and grow but also from which we can reach out and expand. To maximize our building's potential and create a strong base for future growth, we're bringing significant improvements that will enhance the experience and assist the journey for everyone.

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We love our kids and so we are doing all we can to create environments within which they can be shaped and encouraged to follow Jesus. These new environments in the renovated 'west wing' of the building will be safe, engaging and fun and will include redesigned spaces with better facilities and improved access. There will be modern and attractive styling which our children will love.


All generations are valued at Riverview. We are creating a range of attractive and inviting medium sized spaces within which people can gather around a shared age group, interest or passion. These multi-purposed environments in the upstairs and renovated 'west wing' of the building will be ideal contexts for our Youth, Young Adults, Adults and Seniors and will give space for a range of Connection and Discipleship opportunities available within our community.


There’s no doubt that Perth weather can be extreme at times. Consequently, we are installing refrigerated, climate controlled air conditioning throughout our entire building. This has been much longed for and will be a huge step forward for us and will give the bonus of cooling us in summer and warming us in winter.

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We love gathering and worshipping together. The auditorium environment is important and so it is being re-designed with increased fixed seating which is being expanded to the capacity of our building. Sound, lighting and production modifications are being made and our auditorium will have improved versatility of use and enhanced intimacy for all our services and events. The result will be a lifted atmosphere and heightened engagement for people – a wonderful space for worship.


Providing new and attractive seating is imperative for the creation of an enhanced and engaging worship environment. Our new seats are going to be quiet, of high quality, durable, versatile and very comfortable. Some floor seating will be movable whilst fixed tiered sections will also be incorporated. These seats will more than meet our needs well into the future.


Creative and welcoming environments are important for helping people feel at home. The foyer space is being flooded with natural light from wall height glass to the north and south. It is also being opened up and opened out, with larger areas to provide better movement and ease of access. Attractive islands of interest are being incorporated inside and transitional spaces between inside and outside will create a more welcoming, more attractive and more accessible environment.

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Conceptual design only. Subject to appropriate approvals

Steps to Give

Pray Spend time with God in prayer. Ask Him to reveal to you what He wants you to give. He will put in your heart a figure that will stretch you and grow you because that’s what faith requires. Faith means trusting Him and relying upon Him to provide. If you obey Him, you will find He is faithful and trustworthy.

Pledge Complete a written pledge of your intended giving for the coming 12 months from March 2016 – February 2017. Give this written pledge at any Sunday service but ideally on Sunday, 28th February, 2016.

Give Trust in God to provide for you and give what you have pledged as either a one-off gift or a monthly donation.

Give online to Our Church



By the completion of all three stages of the Our Church Renovation, we will need to have raised funds potentially up to $13M.

No. Your pledge is between you and God. It simply gives us an indication of our church’s intended giving amounts, which helps us in our financial planning.

Our current regular giving (tithes and offerings) helps to resource the ministries of the church. In order to sustain these ministries, we ask that donations to this project be in addition to your other regular giving. We do not want any other area of ministry to reduce their resources in favour of the renovations being completed.

You can give via our church website (riverviewchurch.com.au/ourchurch/give) or through the Our Church giving envelopes available from Information or our Ushers at weekend services at Curtin Stadium.

Through the generous giving of our congregation and the good financial management of our leadership team, Riverview Chuch is currently debt free with savings in the bank.

Taking a bank loan is possible but would cost thousands of dollars in interest and would require us to reduce the amount of money we are investing in current ministries.

Unfortunately, no.

Our commitment to our community and to missions is as strong as it has ever been and so we will not reduce any of the current resources we are invested in. In fact, as we grow, our capacity to expand these areas of ministry grows further.

Renovations commenced in November 2015, and will take 12-18 months to complete in various stages.