Terms and Conditions

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(Collectively referred to as Riverview, we, our, us)

Riverview recognizes the importance of keeping all our attendees informed about all terms and conditions relating to our camps, retreats, events, courses and classes. When you register yourself or your children for our camps, retreats, events, courses and classes (referred to as our “events”), you agree to abide by all of our terms and conditions stated below and also those specifically for the event that you or your children are attending. By registering for our events, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information

When you register for our events, you are providing us with your personal information, which includes your address and your contact details. We collect your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy on our website.

Parents and guardians registering their children for camps are required to provide their children’s information. The information include their name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, school year, gender and whether they are new to Riverview. The information assists us in communicating with the children about the upcoming camps and other kids or youth events. The information also helps us in provide a safe environment for them during camps and events. We collect and store the information in accordance with our privacy policy on our website.

Registration Fees

Some of our events may not have any registration fees while others may charge registration fees to cover our expenses to organize the event. Each of our events would clearly state whether registration fees are payable. There may be early bird discounts on the early payment of registration fees for some of our events. If you are experiencing financial difficulties but would like to attend our events where registration fees are charged, please let us know.

General Refunds

We are unable to offer refunds for our event. However if you are unable to attend our events due to exceptional circumstances, please let us know. We reserve the right to cancel our events and in these situations, we will provide you with a full refund of your registration fees.

Parents / Guardians

Some of our events, particularly our camps for children, require parents or guardians to register and / or sign other agreements on behalf of their children. We ask that you provide us with all the required information about your children, including but not limited to their dietary requirements, special needs and their allergies. You can provide us with this information when you register your child for our events. By registering your children for our events, you give permission for them to participate in activities organized during the events.

Attendee Behaviour

All attendees of our events are required to demonstrate appropriate behavior during our events. Failure to do so may result in us requesting that you leave our events. If you registered your children to attend camp, you understand that if your child demonstrates inappropriate behavior during our events, particularly at camp, you will be notified and your child may be requested to leave the camp.

Smoke, Drug and Alcohol Free

Most of our events are smoke, drug and alcohol free (referred to as “substances”). We reserve the right to remove you from our events should you be found to be consuming or under the influence of these substances. All our camps and retreats are smoke, drug and alcohol free events.

Medical Treatment Consent

By attending our events, you give permission for Riverview, our staff, volunteers and leaders to obtain emergency medical, hospital or ambulance assistance (referred to as “assistance”) to you or to your children at any time when considered necessary. Our insurances prevent us from directly administering medical treatment to you.  You agree that you are responsible for all costs and expenses incurred in obtaining assistance for you or to your children.

Event Specific Terms & Conditions

We may impose other terms and conditions specific to a particular camp, retreat or event. These terms and conditions would be clearly stated when you register with us. At times we would host an event which is not organized by us. As such you need to liaise with the event organizers should you have any queries, complains or disputes. We reserve the right to refuse any person, for any reason to participate in our events regardless of whether registration fees have been paid.

Photography and filming

By attending our events, you agree that we may take photographs and film footages of you at our events, and may use the photographs and / or film footages in accordance with our privacy policy on our website. By registering your children for our camps, you agree that we may take photographs and film footages of them during our camp. If you would do not want photographs or film footages taken of your children, please let us know before the camp.

Indemnity, Release and Risk Waiver

Some of our events and their associated activities have a level of risk involved and may cause damage to property or injury. These activities are usually organized for camps and include but not limited by flying foxes, rafting and swimming. We take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimize the risks. Except as otherwise expressly required by law, we do not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by yourself or your children as a result of participation at our events due to any cause unless caused by the proven negligence of us, our staff, volunteers and leaders.