Riverview Church

Riverview Manifesto

I see a church vibrantly committed to loving God and loving people

A church that proclaims Jesus and practises justice; a church filled with people of spiritual vitality and energy who have encountered God and want others to experience Him too; a church deeply engaged in God's purposes to restore and transform his world; a church that looks up in gratitude and praise and looks out in compassion and service.

A church that will do whatever it takes for others to experience the salvation that is found in Jesus.

I see a church that is a spiritual home for thousands.

A worshipping community completely committed to relationship with God and each other; a people who want God's Word to guide their way; who hunger for God's Spirit to fill their hearts. A church that shows we belong together and are better together; that appreciates both the inspiring celebration of large gatherings and the intimate community of small groups.

A church in which the broken find wholeness, the hurt find healing, the despairing find hope, the lonely find friendship and the lost find purpose.

A church that encourages progress rather than demands perfection; that lifts up people's hearts and builds up people's faith; that knows having others alongside you, encouraging you, building into you, makes the difference between surviving and thriving.

I see a church with worship gatherings that are echoes of heaven.

I hear our sound in anthems of praise that lift people to their feet and bring them to their knees. I see gatherings so focused on Jesus; so vibrant and pulsing with spiritual life; so given to worship, praise and prayer; so marked by God encounters; so heart enlarging, mind illuminating and life transforming that all are changed.

Gatherings where song, story and scripture inspire us and equip us to follow Jesus with conviction and passion. I see these songs, stories and scriptures shared with human hearts everywhere through technology and innovation.

I see a church that gathers others in conferences and events that equip and inspire people to follow Jesus in whatever sphere of society into which they are called.

I see a church that loves, celebrates and inspires all of the generations.

A church with older generations who have the heart of spiritual parents and so joyfully champion those younger than themselves; that push the ceiling of our church ever higher for it to be the floor of those coming after.

A church with younger generations who honour and respect those who've gone before and appreciate the opportunities they've been given to reach their full potential and impact the world for Christ.

A church of and for all generations but known for the energy and vitality of the young at heart.

I see a church with significance and influence in our city and nation.

A church that reaches beyond itself with a heart so attractive, generous and exceptional that it provokes spiritual curiosity in others.

A church known for generously serving and building into our city; known for its faith and hope shaped by love; known for equipping and encouraging us all to live big lives that bless others in every area of influence.

I see a church that blesses our community - that helps people recover from crisis and challenge, disconnection and disadvantage and puts them on a path to wholeness; that offers quality training in life skills that blesses their hearts, their aspirations, their relationships, their resources and their lives.

A church known for compassionately helping the lost, the last and the least. I see a church for which our community, our city and our nation are grateful.

I see a church that has a heart for the whole world.

A church that knows and shows God's love for every person regardless of where they were born or what they currently believe; that seeks to rescue, protect and empower the most vulnerable - particularly children - and thereby reduce suffering and bring hope; that desires all to hear about Jesus and all to be helped in Jesus' name.

A church that partners with organisations that have the same heart and the same desire.

I see a church with a culture of building places and spaces that honour God and value people

That creates environments that reflect the reality of God and that speak welcome to others. I see a church so healthy and vibrant that it overflows its own facilities and so births other places, other gatherings, other churches. A church that is as passionate about 'the' church thriving and growing as it is about our church thriving and growing; that has a spirit of generosity and seeks to bless and sow into Christ's church both near and far.

I see a church that blends wisdom and courage by taking care but still taking risks.

A church that would rather attempt the exceptional than settle for the forgettable. A church that stretches beyond its own strength and so allows margin for God to do the miraculous.

A church that believes passion and commitment matters – that being all-in is the only way to honour God and is the best way to live.

I see a church of joy and ready laughter.

A church filled with people enjoying God and each other and as ready to laugh at themselves as they are to laugh with others.

A church that doesn't take itself too seriously but takes its mission very seriously. A church that believes life is to be enjoyed and not endured and that following Jesus means experiencing life to the full and is the greatest adventure of all.

"Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what's coming..." (Habakkuk 2:2-3a MSG)