Riverview Church


Riverview Church Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association under the leadership and oversight of the Board. The Board of Riverview Church is made up of partners of Riverview Church as well as several external members, it provides governance, ensures that the Senior Minister and the Executive Team have a clear vision for the Church, and oversees the legal and financial aspects of the ministry in accordance with the constitution.

The Board Members are:

Dr Haydn Nelson (Chairman) - Senior Minister, Riverview Church
Dr Brian Harris - Principal Vose Seminary
John Sharpe - Retired Businessman
Dorcas White - Executive Minister, Riverview Church
Aaron Gregory - CEO, Transform Cambodia
Angel Robins - Business Development Manager, MOH

Board Members receive no income from the association unless employed in a salaried position.

The organisation is audited each year by Anderson Munro & Wyllie. The audited financial statements of the organisation are available to partners of Riverview Church on request.