Riverview Church

Our Culture

It's all about loving God and loving people.

We think this is the main thing. By keeping this the main thing we ensure other things don't become the main thing.

Our vision is worth our passion.

Passion matters. Enthusiasm matters. We do what it takes to make it happen because we know that God gives strength for the stretch.

We're part of something greater than ourselves.

We know that what we're part of is greater than the part we play. So, we embrace the privilege of being part of what God is doing and Jesus is building.

We speak the truth in love.

We have conversations of candour shaped by kindness. We don't have meetings after the meeting; refuse to be over-sensitive and welcome any feedback that makes us better and our church stronger.

We belong together and are better together.

Life is not meant to be done alone and nor is faith. When you have others alongside you, encouraging you, building into you, that's what makes the difference between surviving and thriving.

We bring our best and give our first.

We're contributors and not consumers. We live beyond ourselves and not for ourselves. We refuse to be passengers that add weight but don't add value.

We take care but still take risks.

Recklessness does not honour God and nor does fearfulness. So, we attempt the exceptional rather than settle for the forgettable.

We're into progress more than perfection.

We’re on the same spiritual journey but at different stages and moving at different speeds. So, we equip and encourage each other to chase after Jesus with conviction and passion.

Everyone has a place and a purpose.

We champion each other and draw from each other our God-given potential. When we build others everyone gets blessed.

We turn up and don't give up.

We believe godly character has grit. We will show the tenacity and determination to do that is right even when it's hard.